Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am in love. 

With three specific people who have wormed their way into my heart with no hope of leaving it the same ever again. 

It’s not a new feeling.  I have been in love with them all for some time now.  But one week ago today, I learned to love each of them on a whole new level, in a more powerful way than I had ever experienced or anticipated. 

Micah is my first-born, my gentle little soul.  He has been the center of our world for just shy of three years now, and he has taught us so much.  We have learned grace and humility, patience and humbleness, joy and healthy pride, and a whole new way of looking at the world.  I love it when we snuggle together on the couch or he puts “ponies’ in my hair for me.  He has such a gentle spirit and it shines through in so many things he does.  He has taught us how to laugh and has filled our past three years with memories so powerful they are emblazoned on our hearts and our minds forever.  I have thought so many times over the past three years “How will I ever love another child as much as I love him?”

Macie is my second-born, my sweet little princess.  She came quietly into our world just one week ago today and completely changed it in an unbelievable way.  The past seven days with her are already full of rich memories that I am scared I will forget because there is no good way to capture the sweetness of them.  The smell of newborn baby, the feel of her little body curled up against mine, the quiet squeaks and whimpers when she dreams, her facial expressions that make us laugh. I treasure these days and the days ahead because I know before long they will be gone and I will not be able to get them back, no matter how hard I try.  When we got pregnant last November, I remember thinking, “Will we love this second baby as much as the first?” 

Dan is my soul mate, my strong, silent prince charming.  He may not speak volumes, but he is a spiritual and emotional giant in my life.  He builds me up when I need the support.  He loves me even when I make it hard for him.  He lets me know how special I am to him in the simplest but most profound of ways.  He loves our kids in a way that melts my heart and makes sure he is the kind of dad they need him to be.  He matches all my weaknesses with strengths perfectly.  He is the one I cannot imagine walking this life path without.  On our wedding day, I remember thinking, “Will I ever love anybody as much as I love him?” 

I love these three.  On a level that is sometimes hard for even me to comprehend.  But after one week as a family of four, I am finding that my feelings for them have changed.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I love each of them in a much more powerful, more deep, more fulfilling way than I ever have before. 

I watch Micah with his baby sister, watch him gently stroke her soft downy hair and give her sweet kisses.  I watch him speak to her and giggle as he watches her sleep.  I listen to him tell her “when I a baby I drink Mommy’s boobies but now I a big boy!”  My heart swells with love for this little boy who has welcomed a new person into his family and has been very accepting of our need to include her in his world.

I watch Macie while she sleeps.  I look at all her perfect little features and marvel at what an absolute MIRACLE God has created and blessed us with.  I hold her close and feel her little heart beating against mine.  I grin as I hear those little squeaks and noises she makes when she is sleeping.  I feel my own heart swell when I watch her little mouth turn up in a smile in her sleep.  My heart swells with love for this little girl who has been with us for such a short time but has seemed to capture our hearts forever ago.

I watch Dan with both kids.  I watch how he plays with Micah, how he reads to him, how he gently redirects him when need be.  I listen to them say prayers together at dinner or bedtime.  I watch the excitement on both their faces on “Game Day” when they wear their matching Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirts, and my heart fills with joy to see my boys delighting so much in each other.  I listen to Micah talk on the phone to Dan and tell him about his day.  Most recently, I take in the sweet moments where Dan holds little Macie in his strong arms, a small bundle against his protective frame.  I chuckle at his comments about how she will be a nun and will never leave the house.  I listen to his sweet crooning and all the pet names he has for her.  My heart swells with love for this man who has promised to walk alongside me in this journey and who loves me and our children more than anything else in life. 

Nothing has changed, and at the same time, everything has changed.  I love these three in a way I never thought possible.  And my heart will never be the same again. 

I'm more than okay with that. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

in micah's world.....

things will be a'changin', and he wanted you to know. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

happy baptism birthday, baby boy

Two years ago today, we rejoiced as our baby boy was added to the kingdom of God.  Take a peek with me as we relive his most important moment this side of heaven...

Micah's godparents, Chad and Michelle, are on the left with their daughters Mackenzie and Alyssa.  His other set of godparents are Joel, on the right, and Mandy, who is taking the picture.    

Alyssa and Kenzie with Micah

Joel and Mandy with Micah

Grandma Deb and Grandpa John

Auntie Kim
A child of God forever

In all the hullabaloo of the baptism and Papa King being one of the photographers and Grandma getting everything ready for the reception, Dan and I neglected to get a baptism picture of Micah with them.  Having traveled all the way from CA for this special event, they were very much present and a crucial part of his big day.  We want them to be represented somehow and Micah to know that they were there for him that day!
Uncle Scott and Papa

Thursday, October 28, 2010

fantastic fall fun with friends who feel like family

Last weekend, Jessica invited all of the daycare kiddos and their families over to her house for a fall get-together, complete with pumpkin painting, a bonfire, amazing foods, and lots of laughs.  Micah and I had a fantastic time, as I'm sure all the other families did.  Here are the memories we shared:

 Hunter and Graden carving pumpkins
Paige: Ummm......I'm kinda stuck.  Micah: Hey, check out this thing in the grass!  
 Hey, everybody, look.  Paige is stuck.  Just so you know. 
 Hey Paige, are you still stuck?  Do you need help?
 Yep.  Look.  She's still stuck.  She might need help.
What Paige's thinking: Micah's no help.  What Micah's thinking: I helped Paige!
 Off to go play golf.  'Scuse us!
 Bye, everybody!
This is the life, being driven around by a beautiful girl.
 What?  I'm eating.
 Suh-weet!  Check out how far this stretches!
 The famous Henry looking cute as always
Paige and Micah hiding in the bushes in the corner.....someone should keep an eye on those two!
Jessica and Henry
Who said I can't put my whole hand in my mouth?
Is there a problem?
 The pumpkin carving masters are done and ready to light it up
 A rare treat - a smile actually captured on camera!
 Maybe...if Henry isn't looking....that cookie could be MINE!
 Best buds
 Rye-yee has the greatest smile!
 This, folks, is how you spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  (Oh SO cute together though!)
 More best buds
 One smile out of two ain't bad....
Daddy's boy
Leave it there - I might want to eat that part later.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

picture frenzy

Here are the pictures from my actual birthday in September!  I had a blast celebrating with my daycare family! 

Awww, check out my very own birthday message!
 My Elmo balloon bouquet that my godmommy "Shell" (Michelle) surprised me with!  She dropped it off for Mommy and Daddy since they had to work.
 Cool, a blue thing!  Never mind the 5 gigantic Elmo balloons above my head.....
 Sharing my balloons with my bff Henry
 A smile for a great day
 Chowing down on some cupcakes Mommy made for us.  Notice how smart Jessica was to feed us outside!!!!
 Don't mind me, I'm just gonna have a bite.
 Mommy thinks I have a bit of a crush on "P", as I call her - her real name is Paige!  Don't I have FABULOUS taste????
 NUM, NUM, NUM.  Mommy says I have a big mouth!
 Wait, I found a bit more I can shove in there....
 Mommy might frame this one, she loves it so much!
 What?  Do I have something on my face?
 Well, see, I was saving that for later....
Maybe I missed a few crumbs....